Industrial IoT Router TELiG is now FCC Certified for Anterix™ 900MHz

TELiG receives FCC Certification for Anterix™ 900MHz

The growing ecosystem of devices designed for networks using 900 MHz spectrum just got a great new addition

COUNCIL ROCK announces that its TELiG E1500 Industrial IoT Router has been certified by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for operation on Anterix™ 900 MHz spectrum. 

COUNCIL ROCK is a leading designer of industrial IoT solutions and is committed to offering the latest in LTE technology. The combination of advanced computing capabilities, multiple LTE network support, and a focus on security provide a unique offering in the market. Anterix is the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico.

“We are excited about our collaboration with Anterix and the opportunity to offer a licensed solution to Utilities across the United States”, said David Rodriguez, Council Rock’s Chief Executive Officer.  “The leading-edge technology upon which the TELiG platform is designed, when used in conjunction with Anterix’s licensed broadband spectrum offering, can be a game-changer for Utilities. 900 MHz propagates exceedingly well and, when utilized with the latest COUNCIL ROCK technology, – affords Utilities the ability to build private networks to manage assets in a secure, multi-application environment.  Our platform was designed to support DERM’s integration, Distribution Automation, AMI Backhaul, and Mobile Workforce environments.”  

Mobile Workforce environments

“The growing ecosystem of devices designed for networks using 900 MHz spectrum just got a great new addition with the  FCC certification of COUNCIL ROCK‘s TELiG E1500 Industrial Edge Device,” said Carlos L’Abbate, Anterix’s Chief Technology Officer.  “Anterix is excited to work with COUNCIL ROCK through our Anterix Active Ecosystem program to help utilities modernize their electric grids and transform the industry.”

COUNCIL ROCK is a Rochester, NY-based engineering company and is a leading designer of Industrial IoT solutions.  The company also operates a renewables engineering business in Puerto Rico providing Smart Home Energy Systems to consumers and small businesses.

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