Industries We Serve

Multiple municipalities and enterprises rely on our ability to provide end-to-end wireless solutions they need to cater to their users and customers. The exponential growth in connectivity demands means Critical Infrastructure should only invest in reliable, professional providers like Council Rock.

Council Rock has proven that our wireless connectivity solutions are cost-effective and provide the seamless integration you’d expect. Get end-to-end solutions for your organization.

Solving Connectivity Challenges

Smart Grids

With advanced smart grid communication, utility companies can improve efficiency, reduce the scope and scale of power outages, provide more accurate billings to customers’ estimates, and help integrate emerging renewable solutions into the grid.  Our solutions facilitate these applications  for a smarter grid:

  • AMI Backhaul
  • Distribution Automation
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Renewables Integration and Management
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Virtual Power Plants
  • Substation Security

Renewable Energy

We help homes and businesses benefit from the power of solar and avoid costly power disruptions. Power generation is becoming more and more  decentralized and we have developed innovative solutions to support this including:

  • Smart Home Energy Systems
  • Low-Cost Battery Solutions for Affordable Housing
  • Software Support for Virtual Power Plants
  • Energy Saver Software Algorithms   
  • Power Backup Solutions for Critical Infrastructure

Smart Campuses

Higher education institutions across the nation are using a wide network of IoT technologies and digital services to make learning and campus life more engaging, safe, and equitable. We can help.

  • Intelligent Transportation Communications
  • Remote Security Entrance
  • Public Safety Communications
  • Facilities Management
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Lighting
  • Video-based Surveillance

Smart Cities

Smart cities can improve transparency and efficiency within the city’s infrastructure by managing the data flow from many connected sensors and devices generating large data quantities. Our comprehensive platform allows for rapid, real-time information transmission and communication.

  • Smart Lighting
  • City Surveillance
  • Facilities Management
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Smart Parking
  • Smart Lighting
  • Smart Transportation
  • Video-based Surveillance
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