COMING SOON: The Intelligent Solution for Industrial IoT Device Management​


Optimize, synchronize, and intelligently manage IIoT Devices with ViSTA by Council Rock

An out-of-the-box IIoT cloud platform OR on-premises solution for rapid development, management, and scaling of IIoT projects.

Vista Side Computer Hotspots

Access information quickly to immediately identify the problem

Access only the information you want OR drill down into the details

Shows maintenance should be scheduled soon for this device

ViSTA Advanced Management & Data Edge Analytics

Choose a Cloud Platform OR On-Premises Solution

Provision Your IIoT Devices

Cloud-hosted or On-premises

Rapid Scaling of IoT Projects

Data Analytics at a Glance

Asset Management at a Glance

Enterprise Back-office Integration

Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

IIoT device management is the process of authenticating, configuring, monitoring, and maintaining the device firmware that provides its functional capabilities. Effective device management is critical to establishing and maintaining the health, connectivity, and security of IIoT devices.

These activities are transparent to the end-user. Updates low-latency updates using web sockets. Our platform is in continuous maintenance and upgrade mode to ensure you are never stranded by custom development. 24/7 support for cloud-based.

ViSTA collects and visualizes data from devices and assets into a customizable dashboard. Adding new functionality is easy with customizable widgets and rule engine nodes.

ViSTA is a horizontally scalable platform built using open-source technologies. The architecture enables the management and scaling of IIoT networks large and small.

For cloud-based solutions, the device management has a redundant architecture.

ViSTA has pre-built TELiG oriented dashboards. It will help to quickly deploy ready-to-implement TELiG dashboards.

Yes, you can connect any other devices that use LWM2M protocols, MQTT and HTTPS with minimum effort.

A single-server node can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices depending on the use case. A ViSTA cluster can handle millions of devices.

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ViSTA, Coming Soon

The Intelligent Solution for IIoT Device Management

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