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What is VISTA?

An IoT Management and Data Analytics Platform that Enables Scaling of IoT Projects

Define Relationships

Provision devices, assets and customers and define relations between them

Collect & Visualize Data

Collect and visualize data from devices and assets

Complex Event Processing

Analyze incoming telemetry and trigger alarms with complex event processing

Remote Control

Control your devices using secure remote connections

Our Goal

An out-of-the-box IoT cloud platform or on-premises solution that enables rapid development, management, and scaling of IoT projects.

Build Work-flows

Build work-flows based on device life-cycle event, REST API event, RPC request, etc

Design Dashboards

Design dynamic and responsive dashboards and present device or asset telemetry and insights to your customers

Customizable Rule Chains

Enable use-case specific features using customizable rule chains

Push Data

Push device data to other systems

More about VISTA

VISTA Architecture


Horizontally scalable platform, build using leading open-source technologies


No single-point-of-failure, every node in the cluster is identical


Never lose
your data


Adding new functionality
is easy with customizable
widgets and
rule engine nodes.

Robust and Efficient

Single server node can handle tens or even hundreds of thousands of devices depending on use-case. VISTA cluster can handle millions of devices


Smart Dashboard Highlights


low-latency updates using web-sockets

Tool Tips

advanced tooltips and legend


in continuous maintenance and upgrade mode to ensure you are never stranded by custom development

Zoom Function

ability to zoom-in into the charts by selecting time range with the mouse


dashboard toolbar in the top-right corner enables global time selector and switch between dashboards

Smart Monitoring

VISTA platform allows you to create smart monitoring systems in our off the shelf offering, or in any customized view tailored to your specific needs.  We provide the ability to view:

  • Reliable and fault-tolerant data collection for your devices and battery health monitors;
  • Advanced and flexible data visualization for real-time and historical data monitoring;
  • Customizable end-user dashboards to analyze and share the results of key metrics monitoring;
  • Integration with third-party analytics frameworks and solutions for advanced network monitoring systems;

The platform provides production-ready server infrastructure to connect your devices, collect, store and analyze data, and share results of the analysis with your customers and end-users.

VISTA Connectivity

VISTA provides many device connectivity options. 

Diagram showing how VISTA provides a lot of device connectivity options
Overview of existing options for choosing the correct configuration for your devices.

VISTA Advanced Configuration, Management and Monitoring

Connectivity Methods

Collect data from smart homes using different connectivity methods

Custom Dashboard

Visualize the collected data on a custom dashboard

Analyze Insights

Analyze incoming smart homes data to derive actionable insights


Store data for reporting and historical analysis for additional

Third-Party Apps

Feed processed smart home data into third-party applications for additional analysis and services

Contact Council Rock for up to date information about VISTA development.


Save time and avoid risks

Using our platform allows you to have all the necessary functionality right away and focus on improving your operations immediately.  Save money, improve safety, and predict failures and maintenance requirements. Our platform is built on Open-Source and thus avoids many of the pitfalls of customized development.

VISTA Key Features

User Interface

  • HTTPS based GUI with Council Rock branding
  • Dashboard infographics for real-time and historical device data 
  • Customizable charts & reports with data exportable in multiple formats
  • Interactive Asset mapping

Network Management

  • Device provisioning & batch configuration with use-case based templates
  • Remote device configuration through the GUI
  • Alarm management: create, monitor and automate alarm events
  • Connect and monitor other networking devices (CoAP, SNMP)
  • Push device data to other systems (e.g. SNMP northbound interface)


  • Secure remote access to assets for direct command line interaction
  • Support communication encryption protocols: HTTPS /
  • MQTT
  • Device level authentication 
  • User / Group level authentication
  • Two-factor authentication


  • Automate repetitive tasks with workflows (REST API, RPC)
  • Enable use-case specific device features using customizable rule chains


  • Follows the FCAPS ISO Telecom Network Management framework
  • Flexible architecture: deployed in the cloud via AWS, Azure, Google Compute Engine, or standalone setup on a secure private network
  • Horizontal Scalability – increase system
  • Capacity by adding hardware
FeatureVISTACompetitor 1Competitor 2
Cloud Based deploymentYesYesYes
On Premises deploymentYesYesNo
Number of DevicesUnlimitedUnlimited for Cloud. Hardware dependent for on premises versionUnlimited
Configurable DashboardConfigurable WidgetsConfigurable WidgetsConfigurable Widgets
Real-Time Device ViewYesYes, depending on the devices/networkYes
Threshold based alertsYesYesYes
User configurable group definitionsYesYesYes
Data Retention PolicyUp to 1 Year for cloud based deployment. NA for On PremisesUp to 1 Year for cloud based deployment. NA for On Premises6 months (upgrade available through subscription)
Remote Firmware UpgradesYesYesYes
Remote Device ConfigurationYes, using templatesYes, using templatesYes
Consolidated View of all Device Stats and ParametersYesYesYes
Map view of assetsYesYesYes
Alert Management (Email, HTTP, SNMP)Email, HTTPS, SNMP and SMSEmail and HTTP for cloud. Email and SNMP for On PremisesEmail, SNMP and SMS
Configure Custom alertsYesYesYes
Historical ReportingYesYesYes
Export Report Datacsv, xls, xlsx, pdfCSV, PDF, KML, HTMLxls, xml and pdf
Pre-Register Devices (Single, In bulk)YesYesYes (1000 devices)
Configure user accountsYesYesYes
Restrict user access by group, featuresYes with User rolesYes with User rolesYes with Administrator role
Define GroupsYesYes, by labelYes
Define Thresholds for Device ParametersYes with chain rulesYes, for alertingYes
Monitor/audit user activityYesYesYes
Software repositoryTELiG Templates for firmware upgradesYesDigi FTP Repositor
Remote management of devices connected to gatewayYesYes for on premises version onlyYes
API accessYesYes for cloud versionYes
White LabelingYesYes for cloud version
SecurityTwo Factor authenticationTwo Factor authentication
User IP filtering
Device IP filtering
Two Factor authentication
CostTBD$18 device/year for cloud basic
$54 device/year for cloud full
deployment size dependent for on premises
$595 - Device, $105 - Remote manager license for 5 years
  • NMS style dashboard:
      • Network operations statistics/summary
      • Alarms / flags / alerts 
      • System KPIs / Network usage statistics
      • Real-time device data streaming
  • Over-the-air smart configurator – to push firmware updates out to system nodes:
      • TELiG units
      • End devices
  • Email notifications (alarms, critical conditions)
  • Alarm filtering [Fernando’s NMS wish-list]
  • Scan network – automatically  add new devices to the dashboard as they are added to the network — i.e. mesh networks (option exists to ‘batch’ upload devices to via access tokens)
  • Templatized configurators for various  network node ‘flavors’ — provide a template for common types of nodes to expedite staging/commissioning — for example, “LTE TELiG remote node”, “LTE TELiG Access Point Node”
Web UIVISTACompetitor 1Competitor 2
CAAS will be used for user management and role managementYes
The UI shall be connected to a database to capture device and user informationDevelopment neededYes
There shall be a mechanism to configure the data retention periodDevelopment neededOptions to Enter or use drop down menus
The Device Manager database shall retain data for at least 90 daysInvestigate thisYesYes
The Device Management UI will use HTTPSYesYesYes
Device Manager Web UI Shall support multiple users (10 MIN)YesYesYes
The UI shall present an indication if a call or action takes longer than 2 secondsDevelopment neededYes
Only one user shall be able to change device configuration at a timeInvestigate this
If Device Manager service crashes goes down, states will not be retained. All Jobs running at crash will fail and will not be recoverable. User will have to re-initiate the actionInvestigate this
Show current device stateYesYesYes
Event/ Alarm sortingYesYesYes
Search barYesYesYes
Remote command executionYesYesYes
NMS logs will be retained for a period of timeInvestigate this
The logging level shall be configurableInvestigate thisYes
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