About Council Rock

Council Rock is an award-winning Industrial IOT engineering firm developing hardware and software to deploy world-class solutions in order to solve existing and emerging problems in Industrial markets.  Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Renewables, and Intelligent Transportation. Our products and services improve safety, resilience, efficiency, and reliability.

Our dedicated and experienced staff believes in The Power of Connectivity.

Brief History of Council Rock

Council Rock takes pride in its startup look and feels as we serve our clients with zeal and dedication. The company started as a small hardware manufacturer in Rochester, NY, and through constant research, development, and expansion, has grown to become a focused technology company serving massive industrial markets.

Council Rock was founded on the belief that the utility industry would benefit from the latest in technologies and standards as these technologies emerged to serve other industries:  LTE, Open Standards, and Renewables Integration.  Thanks to our deep utility domain expertise and our specialization in software and hardware development, we were in a great place to design and develop solutions serving Utilities.

Our leadership with a rich background in delivering services and solutions to critical infrastructure has carefully shaped Council Rock’s growth from a simple startup to what it is today.


Achievements and Awards

We have been awarded the IMPACT award by the Utilities Technology Council in 2021! This award honors UTC Associate Member whose innovative new hardware has significantly impacted the industry by providing access to the latest in emerging technologies.


Mission and Vision of Council Rock

Our mission at Council Rock is to empower the Industrial IOT markets by introducing leading-edge technologies that leverage the latest standards and allow our customers to benefit from innovation..

At Council Rock, we are completely mindful of the growing importance of delivering robust networks and their fundamental role in the world. We plan for today’s needs and even the expected needs years out.  Technologies developed for the world’s largest markets can and should be deployed to service critical infrastructure.   

The growth of residential solar, the movement to build more renewable energy sources, and the emergence of smart cities all require new technologies that are resilient, flexible, and secure wherever it is deployed.


Our Products and the Industries We Serve

By combining our expertise in the utility domain with emerging technologies, we have been able to formulate and develop such solutions as:

  • Virtual Power Plants
  • DERMS Integration and Management
  • Distribution Automation Communications (Integrated into the latest IT environments)
  • Integrated Communications Platforms
  • Leading Edge Security
  • Smart Home Energy Management Systems
  • True Edge Computing Solutions

We serve:

  • Smart Grids
  • Smart Campuses
  • Smart Cities
  • Solar and Other Renewables
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Public Safety
  • Intelligent Transportation

Why Choose Council Rock

Our customers choose us for values that we live every day!

FIVE core values guide every action taken by a member of the Council Rock family:

  1. CUSTOMER-FOCUSED At Council Rock, the customer’s needs come first, every time. Many companies say this, we live it.
  2. NIMBLENESS We are light on our feet, agile, and adaptable.
  3. PIONEERING We try to be first! We’re sometimes too early, however, we hold a deep belief that markets that do not traditionally garner hundreds of billions in R&D should nonetheless be able to benefit from these innovations.
  4. PROFESSIONALISM Everyone at Council Rock is candid and professional in every interaction – with suppliers, customers, shareholders, or fellow staff. This courtesy and professionalism have helped us make it a habit to deliver first-class results in everything – from our communication to our solutions.
  5. INTEGRITY Staff at Council Rock build integrity through responsible actions, honest relationships, and respect. Our mission and vision statements serve as the beacons for our behavior. For this reason, the individuals that make up Council Rock and the company as a whole are trustworthy and always act in good faith. BACK TO TOP
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Council Rock Locations

Historic Cascade Commons
11 Centre Park Rochester, NY 14614

460 Buffalo Rd, Ste 300A
Rochester, NY 14611

1 Ponce de Leon
Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725

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