Intelligent Transportation

Private Network Design, Deployment and Implementation for ITS Applications

Get Intersection Health, Traffic Improvement, Vehicle Prioritization, and Intersection Analytics with a Private LTE network using CBRS.

Your organization needs a full suite of solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems. COUNCIL ROCK has in-depth experience in private network design, audit, deployment, and systems integration. Our talented team of engineers, strategists, and field technicians is committed to exceeding ITS customer requirements in the most innovative, effective, efficient, and safest way.

Private Networks for ITS

Why smart transportation is eager to deploy its OWN private LTE networks using CBRS

Take full advantage of True Edge Computing by processing critical data without the need for fluctuating cellular connectivity

Avoid the security challenge of data flowing up to the cloud

Keep critical data secure, protected, and on-premise by controlling the environment

Enable up to 10x wider coverage with enough power to penetrate inside structures

Easily expand your network by adding antennas to a building or tower

Eliminate the perpetual high cost of data movement over the air to Carriers

What we do

  • Network Design and Engineering
  • Security Design
  • RF Propagation Design
  • Electrical & Mechanical Engineering and Design
  • Equipment Integration
  • Interoperability Testing
  • Training and Maintenance
  • Interference Analysis
  • Technology Validation and Testing
  • System layout and design for ITS and traffic control cabinets


Connect to multiple LTE Networks in ONE compact box.

This platform is ideal for:

Video Surveillance & Analytics

Traffic Signal Management, Preemption & Prioritization

Incident Detections

Expanding Network Coverage in both Urban & Rural Environments

Solar Applications

Intelligent Transportation Markets Served


Who can benefit from our services

  • State and Federal Departments of Transportation (DOT)s
  • Municipalities
  • Tollways, Turnpikes & Tunnels
  • Transit Authorities
  • Bridge Authorities
ITS Services Tolls

Device Management and Data Engine

ViSTA is a cloud-based software solution for smart traffic management that runs on the TELiG E1500 leveraging LTE as its primary wireless communication technology.

Quickly and securely connect intersections with live vehicle location data – enabling cities to control intersections, manage traffic flows, and provide approved vehicles with more green lights. Once installed at a traffic cabinet, ViSTA enables planners to manage and monitor their traffic infrastructure using a TELiG E1500 with a full suite of Linux underlying the platform and cellular connectivity using LTE. 




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Hardened Communications Device:

Vulnerabilities in device management and configurations present weaknesses for malicious cyber hackers to exploit in order to gain presence and maintain persistence within a network. A hardened device like the TELiG E1500 makes this far less likely.

Compliance Professionals and Design Specialists:

Although technological advancements are rapidly unrolling, there are still no standard rules and regulations to govern smart transportation solutions. Our wireless integration specialists stay knowledgeable and up to date about the complexities of intelligent transportation.

CBRS Certified Professional Installers (CPI):

CBRS radio transceivers or Citizen’s Broadband Service Devices (CBSDs) must be installed by a CPI in order to lawfully operate within the designated spectrum of CBRS. We have CPIs on staff.


It's essential to synchronize legacy intelligent transportation systems with intelligent transportation solutions to enhance successful adoption. We utilize the latest LTE technology to provide communications and edge computing capabilities. A full suite of Linux underlies our platform to ensure support, robustness, and interoperability.

The Rapid Deployment Cabinet:

Caltrans-style, NEMA-rated cabinet constructed from 5052 aluminum or stainless steel. Council Rock offers enclosures from the Caltrans 330 series, ITS, CCTV and DMS enclosures.


Deploy your own private network with CBRS.

Get a high-performance private network, guaranteeing the connectivity and security you need. Build and operate your own private LTE network using the CBRS 3.5 GHz band of wireless spectrum.

“Kick the Tires” with our CBRS Starter Kit

  • AirSpeed 1030, 3.550 – 3.700 GHz (B48, B42H, B43L), Integrated Antenna, DC
  • 4 x TELiG E1500 Industrial LTE Router including WiFi and SIM
  • Lab Accessories Kit
  • Integrated WiFi, GPS, and 2×2 MIMO LTE Low Profile Field Antenna
  • Telephone Setup support
  • SAS connectivity is included for a limited period of time
TELiG Airspeed CBRS Bundle

Connect to an Engineering Expert Today.

With the growing adoption of intelligent transportation systems, there is a need to build new transportation infrastructures to move people and goods faster and seamlessly in urban and inter-urban environments.

Contact us today to speak to an engineering expert who can design your network or evaluate an existing one. We deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions for Intelligent Transportation and your private network.

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