Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

We design dynamic, expandable networks using multiple technologies to enhance safety and mobility for all modes of transportation, in a variety of settings.







TELiG E1500




CBRS for Intelligent Transportation

Modern ITS networks are coping with an increased need for critical data transmission as Big Data creates an influx of information.

The Power of Council Rock Network Design for Intelligent Transportation

Close gaps in existing communication networks, secure the network and provide quick and easy network expansion with fiber-optic redundancy utilizing Council Rock’s ability to design a custom cellular network–all without the need for expensive, disruptive civil work required to install a wired communication network (fiber).

Cellular is an increasingly important part of the infrastructure backbone for ITS. In addition to its advantage of availability, cellular provides broadband connectivity without requiring line of sight.


  • Public Carrier LTE/5G (Verizon, AT&T, etc.)
  • FirstNet
  • Public Carrier Private LTE
  • CBRS (Citizens Broadband Radio Service) for shared wireless broadband

Intelligent Transportation Requires the Execution of Critical Operations at the Edge

Utilize the TELiG E1500’s processing capability to execute critical operations at the edge, reducing the amount of data moved over the network. Provide greater reliability and eliminate the need for network connectivity to keep the traveling public safe.

  • Reduce Red Light Wait Time. Reduce waiting time at empty intersections to almost zero.
  • Prioritize Government Vehicles. Give automatic priority to first responders and public transit.
  • Reduce C02 Emissions. Reduce tons of C02 emissions caused by unnecessary red lights.
  • Share Data Between Intersections. Share traffic data makes your grid smarter.
  • Re-Time Signals in Real Time. Adjust timing schedules automatically to reduce delays.
  • Monitor Intersection Health. Track and manage live intersection status for issue alerts.

ViSTA® Intelligent Solution for Industrial IoT Device Management

ViSTA is a cloud-based software solution for smart traffic management that runs on the TELiG E1500 leveraging LTE as its primary wireless communication technology.

Quickly, securely connect intersections with live vehicle location data–enabling cities to control intersections, manage traffic flows, and provide approved vehicles with more green lights. Once installed at a traffic cabinet, ViSTA enables planners to manage and monitor their traffic infrastructure using a TELiG E1500 with a full suite of Linux underlying the platform and cellular connectivity using LTE.

  • Connect Assets. Maximize equipment uptime and minimize maintenance costs.
  • Collect and Process Data. Collect & visualize data from devices and assets
  • Monitor & Report. Remotely monitor and troubleshoot your industrial assets.
  • Predict Failures. Predictive forecasting to managing asset performance.
  • Reduce Downtime. Do more than traditional network downtime monitoring.
  • Resiliency and Efficiency. Reduce the magnitude and/or duration of disruptive events.


Connect to multiple LTE Networks in ONE compact box.

TELiG E1500 Intelligent Edge Router

Get powerful, true onboard edge computing and data storage for Intelligent Transportation.

Remotely manage and monitor Intelligent Transportation networks with this ruggedized, full-featured intelligent industrial edge router capable of connecting to wireline and multiple LTE Networks in ONE compact box. Deploy on AT&T, FirstNet, UScellular, Verizon, CBRS, or Anterix Band 8 today and seamlessly migrate to a private network tomorrow. Includes Dual SIM or eSIM, Dual Serial RS232/RS485, and Dual Ethernet. Assembled in the USA.


  • Modular, Custom-designed hardware
  • On-board edge computing & data storage
  • LTE, CAT M, NB-IoT, 5G*, CAT 6, CAT 12, CAT 18, Wi-Fi, Wireless Mesh
  • Fiber/MPLS/SD-WAN
  • GPS/Location Based Services
  • Precision GPS provides sub-millisecond resolution event timing
  • AT&T, Verizon, UScellular, T-Mobile
  • FirstNet, Anterix Band 8/Band 8 High Power
  • CBRS, CAT A, CAT B High Power
  • Enhanced security through onboard Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
  • Serial, I/O, and Ethernet InterfacesUp to 3 LTE Radios
  • Up to 5 SIMs – SIM and eSIM
  • Simultaneous or failover connections

Does your organization need a full suite of information technology solutions for Intelligent Transportation Systems?

Council Rock has private wireless engage experts for design plus advisory services that help you to understand the technology choices available.

Intelligent Transportation Markets Served

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Use CBRS spectrum to deploy a private LTE network for mobility, extreme link-layer reliability, and predictable latency.

Get a high-performance private network, guaranteeing the connectivity and security you need. Build and operate your own private LTE network using the CBRS 3.5 GHz band of wireless spectrum.

“Kick the Tires” with our CBRS Starter Kit

  • AirSpeed 1030, 3.550 – 3.700 GHz (B48, B42H, B43L), Integrated Antenna, DC
  • 4 x TELiG E1500 Industrial LTE Router including WiFi and SIM
  • Lab Accessories Kit
  • Integrated WiFi, GPS, and 2×2 MIMO LTE Low Profile Field Antenna
  • Telephone Setup support
  • SAS connectivity is included for a limited period of time
TELiG Airspeed CBRS Bundle
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