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Partner with Council Rock and bring world-class wireless solutions to your customers.

We deliver sales incentives that align with your strategic directives.

Welcome to the Council Rock Channel Partner Incentive Program! At Council Rock, we deliver a wide range of sales incentives that directly align with your company’s strategic directives. Our Channel Partner Incentive Program is designed to help you cut your costs and get you to market faster!

Award winning IoT soltuion

Powerful Computing Platform

This all-inclusive product can profoundly impact your sales numbers. By leveraging the TELiG E1500 LTE Edge Router as the cornerstone of your product lineup, partner resellers, distributors, and OEMs gain a significant competitive edge over their competition. With the Channel Partner Incentive Program, we directly reward you and your representatives based on your level of investment in our product platform through more upfront visibility, greater ease of business, and speedier realization of sheer revenue. 

Our Technology Focus

One Platform. Seamless integration. Interoperate with any certified technology.

Future proof. Run your own SW scripts and/or support 3rd party applications.

Cloud based and on premises to monitor, provision, and control.

Collect, process, analyze, and act on data.

OPEX & CAPEX models. High value, great price performance.


What's in it for Your Customers?

Council Rock’s TELiG platform is the industry’s leading, standards-based routing platform designed to tackle a huge range of industrial applications. With Council Rock products, your customers can rest assured that their device is:

  • Secure
  • Based on common industry standards
  • Modular
  • Award-winning

With our TELiG E1500 platform, your customers get access to:

  • Unified networks with the most reliable, low latency, bandwidth-rich technologies all in one box
  • Edge computing solutions with powerful processing power and ample memory to support even the highest volume utility applications 
  • Future-proof technology that’s modular, with a clear path to 5G
  • One-of-a-kind Multiple LTE radio capability that our competitors simple CANNOT match

Strategic Benefits

The strategic benefit of our incentive program is unmatched. Council Rock offers a highly differentiated product that’s currently in demand. With its future-proof design, the TELiG E1500 has incredible growth potential past point of sale as well. With such a wide range of demonstrable use cases across multiple industries, our rugged, adaptable product has the potential to expand into an ever-increasing selection of markets. 

Our incentive program gives you the tools to blend your products and services with ours to offer attractive bundles to your customers. Installations, services, and accessories like outdoor enclosures and control cabinets are easily paired with our product offering to give the end-user superior value. You can even pair the TELiG platform with ongoing revenue streams such as VISTA device management or your own DaaS solution. 

Long Term Growth

Highly differentiated product that is in demand now with tremendous long-term growth potential.

Single Box

Single ruggedized industrial box supports many use cases in many markets. Expand into new markets.


Bundle with installation accessories and professional services.

Revenue Streams

Pull through other revenue streams such as outdoor enclosures and control cabinets, yours or ours.


Bundle/Integrate with complementary technologies.

DaaS Solutions

Opportunity to add recurring cloud-based revenue model with future VISTA device management and DaaS solutions


Commercial Benefits


Volume-driven discounts.

Marketing Funds

Matching coop marketing development funds to help your business grow.

Demo Kits

Discounted demo kits.

Sales Incentives

Participation in channel sales incentives including contests, promotions, and rebates.

Channel Manager

Dedicated Channel Manager


Proven Steps That Land Deals

The Channel Partner Incentive Program also gets your representatives access to world-class sales advice regarding the TELiG platform. In our direct sales experience, we’ve found a definitive, 7-step process that works to land deals. 

  1. Understanding use cases, requirements, and available data
  2. Provide a hands-on demo for the end user
  3. Demonstrate RF design advantages for the private network where applicable
  4. Define or evaluate pilot success
  5. Complete pilot or evaluation
  6. Secure the customer’s order!
  7. Council Rock is your partner through every step of the sales process

With the incentive program, you gain access to more great sales resources such as this.

Become a Council Rock Partner

At Council Rock, we are proud of both our product and our partner program. For more information on becoming a member, contact our sales department for a detailed explanation of our Channel Partner Incentive Program and get started selling TODAY!

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