CBRS Bundled Solution

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We’ve combined the TELiG E1500 powerful
computing platform with the carrier-class AirSpeed 1030
for out-of-the-box commercial deployment

AirSpeed 1030

AirSpeed 1030 Bundle Page

The AirSpeed 1030 is part of Airspan’s carrier-class
LTE Advanced small cell eNodeB family. AirSpeed
1030 is a Mini-Macro class product that supports 3GPP’s Long Term Evolution (LTE) eNodeB specifications, providing high-speed data, mobility, Voice-over LTE, and broadcast/multicast services to meet the demands of the LTE Mobile Carriers.

  • 3.550–3.700 GHz (B48, B42H, B43L)
  • Integrated Antenna
  • Plus, a second antenna for dual sector coverage

*Images shown are not to scale and items may vary.

TELiG E1500

Engineered and designed from the ground up to specifically address the challenges of multiple networks, protocols, and technologies. The modular approach allows a mix and match of standards-based technologies to provide redundant network failover, industry-first network diversity, and always on always connected ultra-high reliability.

  • Bundle Includes ( 4 ) TELiG E1500 Devices with Indoor Antenna

*Images shown are not to scale and items may vary.

CBRS Bundled Solution

Designed to support a total end-to-end private and/or public LTE network in any outdoor environment and includes:

  • ( 1 ) AirSpeed 1030, 3.550 – 3.700 GHz (B48, B42H, B43L), Dual Sector, Integrated Antenna, DC, CBRS compliant
  • Included Integrated GPS and 2×2 MIMO LTE Low Profile Field Antenna
  • ( 4 ) TELiG E1500 Industrial LTE Devices including CBRS SIM
  • Supports Dual SIM for North American Carrier Support
  • Telephone Setup Support
  • SAS connectivity is included for a limited period of time
  • Optional: Outdoor-Rated Antennas, WiFi

Use Case: CBRS Fixed-Wireless Broadband

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*Price includes HW only and subject to change. Please contact us for availability.

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