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Rapid Deployment Cabinet

Custom Made

For easy deployment and maintenance

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The flexibility of our Rapid Deployment Cabinet design supports endless configurations. Council Rock’s team of expert engineers will work with you to create the best, possible solution. Contact us during business hours for a prompt reply. Call us at 1 (888) 970 2925 or email our sales team directly. Get Specs Here.

Council Rock is creating, designing and manufacturing “next generation” products that help modernize the electric grid.

Looking inside the Council Rock Rapid Deployment Cabinet

Designed and built to meet your power requirements, including battery backup plus system testing. Manufactured in our Rochester factory.

Our Rapid Deployment Cabinets are completely customizable. We can recommend technologies or integrate your existing tech. The flexibility of our design supports endless configurations. Council Rock’s team of expert engineers will work with you to create the best, possible solution.

Design and Build Outdoor Cabinets

At Council Rock we have the in house engineering capabilities to design your custom outdoor enclosure.  Mechanical, Electrical and Communications.  We combine our manufacturing processes to offer a complete solution to you. 

Pair your custom cabinet with our VISTA monitoring platform and be informed of vital statistics of your communications assets in real-time.  Do batteries need replacement?  You receive alerts allowing for scheduled maintenance and the ability to ensure your network survives an outage!

The Council Rock Rapid Deployment Cabinet has already been fully configured, optimized, tested, and is field ready. Just attach it to the wall or pole, connect the power and antenna, and it is up and running.

Rapid Deployment Cabinet Features

  • Easy to deploy
  • Fully designed, with access to electrical, mechanical and power system schematics
  • Mounting kits designed to meet your requirements
  • Battery banks for up to 5 days!
  • Integrate Renewables onto your network
  • Manufactured in our Rochester facility
  • Designed to accommodate your future applications

Rapid Deployment Cabinet Benefits

  • Protect your assets
  • Verify outages with continuous asset monitoring
  • Enables proactive maintenance
  • Improved safety by reducing the number of personnel required in the field, specifically in remote or dangerous work environments

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Save Costs with Scheduled Battery Replacement

Extend battery life by replacing batteries on a proactive schedule

Replace batteries on a proactive schedule.

Replace batteries on a proactive schedule.  Receive alerts on battery conditions including voltage levels and state of charge.  This allows you to schedule battery maintenance before a failure or power outage.  Protect your assets and lower maintenance costs with predictive maintenance.

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