Extend range and reach with certified High-Power CBSD Category B devices for critical infrastructure expansion.

Make sure your mission-critical business runs better with High-Power connectivity.

This article is ideal for Smart Grids, Smart Energy, Smart Industrial, Smart Cities, and Smart Transportation exploring private network deployments.

Why are certified High-Power devices beneficial for smarter networks?

High-Power CBSDs provide seamless connectivity and high bandwidth for mission-critical applications across large coverage areas.

Predicted signal coverage (RSSI) for CAT B (Green) versus standard power CAT A (Red).

Use Cases for High-Power CBSDs


Add wireless capacity in dense–potentially harsh–outdoor settings such as transportation intersections for vehicle prioritization, wrong-way detection, and more to increase safety for the traveling public.


High Power CBSD Rural

Deploy CBRS in conjunction with the C-Band to significantly boost capacity in rural markets that span wide open areas. Mobile networks providing highly reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity help manage the large amounts of data necessary for safety-enhancing and productivity-increasing applications such as Mining.


High Power CBSD Wind Solar

Rather than use insufficient Wi-Fi in industrial applications, enterprises can deploy their own private LTE networks by using HP CBSDs in conjunction with the CBRS spectrum to increase capacity. Wind and Solar farms, for instance, use private wireless solutions based on LTE and 5G, which can be expanded to support digital agricultural use cases.

Cost Comparison.2

Is your organization planning for the grid of the future? We can help. Easily deploy the TELiG E1200 rugged outdoor CBSD/CBRS solution with Zero Touch Provisioning from either our cloud-based or on-premise ViSTA® Device Management platform. Get seamless connectivity and high bandwidth for mission-critical applications across large coverage areas with multiple carrier options.

  • Support for shared commercial use of the 3.5 GHz Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) for fixed wireless broadband services
  • Over-the-air CBSD Handshake Equipment Authorization Procedures for SAS
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) for ease of installation
  • CAT B CPE-CBSD power up to 38 dBm EIRP
  • All in one IP67 enclosure and integrated high gain 15dBi MIMO directional antenna. Simplifies installation and turn-up.
  • Interoperable with all of the FCC-approved Spectrum Access System (SAS)

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Council Rock is an award-winning Industrial IOT engineering firm with expertise in enterprise-grade wireless broadband and IoT solutions plus extensive experience supporting private network design and deployments. Learn more about how to use CBRS spectrum to deploy a private LTE network for mobility, extreme link-layer reliability, and predictable latency.

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