Stay Always-On, Always-Connected with Dual Modem, Dual SIM Industrial Router

Stay Always-On, Always-Connected

with Dual Modem, Dual SIM Industrial Router

Keep two LTE radio connections active simultaneously and eliminate the need for switching between carrier SIM cards with dual modem technology. Plus, allow users to enjoy greater throughput by distributing traffic over two simultaneous LTE radio connections rather than one. Combine data channels and avoid carrier switches while staying always-on, always-connected.

This article provides a brief overview about these Dual Modem Technology features:

Wireless-to-Wireless Failover and WAN redundancy

Wireless-to-Wireless Failover

For true Wireless-to-Wireless or Cellular-to-Cellular Failover, it is necessary to connect two carriers simultaneously. Two active connections make dual modem industrial routers particularly beneficial to utilities that require always-on, always-connected connectivity to their critical assets for their SCADA networks. If one network connection fails, the switch from one wireless carrier to another occurs automatically. Additionally, data traffic can be load-balanced across both active questions, or if one connection has greater throughput than the other one, traffic can be groomed accordingly to prioritization, and bandwidth needs.

Using simultaneous connections utilities are able to build a more resilient network, ensuring their needs for critical communications with minimal delay are met—Scott Burk, Sales Director

WAN Redundancy

Utilities can further enhance their failover capacity by using three WAN connections simultaneously. With assets in wireline or fiber locations, utilities can take advantage of the dual-modem, three-WAN simultaneous-connection feature. The diversity in technology AND providers creates the greatest uptime by using a wired connection plus two LTE connections from different cellular service providers.

Increased Bandwidth

By simultaneously operating both modems in a dual modem industrial router, utilities can increase their network bandwidth for high-definition video applications by combining the data throughput of their WAN connections. The device SIM management services allow IT professionals to monitor data usage for costly overages or increase data when usage is high.

eSIM More Secure For Private Wireless

An embedded SIM or eSIM replaces the need for physical SIMs inside a dual modem industrial router. Quickly activate and switch cellular carrier services through eSIM software programming. There is no longer a need to physically obtain, configure, or insert a SIM into the device. The network is more secure because an eSIM cannot be used by another device to access the network, preventing theft and compromise.

Auto Carrier Selection

Auto carrier selection allows a wireless dual modem industrial router to detect the carrier of an installed SIM or eSIM, load the correct firmware and configuration settings automatically, then connect to the network. A backup carrier can be configured through the use of a dual SIM or eSIM enabling the dual modem industrial router to fail over automatically in the event of a network outage by the primary carrier.



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TELiG E1500-L

The TELiG E1500-L Industrial Aggregation Routers provide connection to both wireline and LTE Networks, supporting Ethernet, Serial, and I/O CPE devices all in ONE compact box. From DER to SCADA applications–Council Rock builds better solutions.

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