TELiG E150

Powerful, award-winning computing platform supporting the latest wireless communication standards.

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The TELiG E150 by Council Rock

This award-winning platform allows full integration of all middle mile industrial applications onto a single device in a secure, reliable manner.

Create next generation networks with distributed intelligence.

The TELiG E150 utilizes an ARM Cortex A9 processor, and leverages LTE as its primary wireless communication technology. Optional features include GPS enabled asset tracking and timing, and WiFi.

The integration of these technologies onto a powerful, modular computing platform ensures investments are future-proof. The E150 is an optimal UE solution for industrial grade smart private networks designed for Utilities, Oil and Gas companies, and Smart campuses. The TELiG’s feature rich software platform, powerful processing capabilities and ample memory combine to provide the tools needed for developers to create next generation networks with distributed intelligence.

Illustration of A major transformation of the Industrial Internet of Things is underway

The Global Industrial Complex of machines, sensors and equipment is being connected via powerful computing platforms and leading edge wireless communications. Automation, predictive maintenance, energy efficiency, asset optimization, and real time data are a few things this allows. Council Rock is leading the way.

TELiG E150 Benefits

  • Board level Solution
  • 900 MHz LTE 3X3 or Cat-NB1/M1
  • Single LTE module w/dual SIM
  • Edge Computing
  • Lower cost target

The TELiG E150 is a Linux-based networking device featuring:

  • LTE Support for all 3GPP Bands
  • Serial Interfaces for MODBUS and DNP3
  • Easily embedded into distribution automation control cabinets
  • Edge computing capabilities for existing and new infrastructure
  • Modular design allows multiple configuration options and technology evolution
  • Self-Provisioning for easy installation
  • GPS and gyroscope for asset tracking and damage alarms (optional)

TELiG E150 Security Features​

  • Crypto-authentication
  • IEEE 802.1x-based authentication
  • Certificate-based identity [Radius and AAA support]
  • Encryption : 3DES, AES 128/192/256, SHA 256/384/512 HMAC
  • Network Layer Encryption (IPsec)
  • Stateful Layer 3 Firewall with MAC Filtering, NAT, Source NAT, Static NAT, Port Forwarding
  • FIPS 197 compliant encryption
  • Embedded location and orientation sensors
  • NIST certified hardware-based cryptographic  calculation algorithms and secure key/secret

TELiG E150 Communications Features

  • LTE in all 3GPPP Bands (FDD & TDD), Cat12DL,Cat13UL
  • Optional GPS
  • Optional WiFi
  • Fully programmable I/O capabilities
  • SNMP or COAP management system

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The transformative TELiG E150
is available now exclusively from Council Rock

Industrial IoT Router TELiG Front Panel Diagram

Wireless communications are essential to the smart grid.

Our disruptive platform provides communications for AMI backhaul, distribution automation, renewables, and even cellular connections for field force automation through one unified, resilient platform featuring private LTE or WiMax with embedded Wi-Sun.

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